Sound Storm Laboratories is a multi-million dollar full-line car audio manufacturer. Headquartered in Southern California (about 50 miles northwest of Los Angeles), Sound Storm was established in 1997 by a group of car audio professionals whose goal was to bring exciting product designs to the mobile electronics market at affordable prices.

Sound Storm Lab Headquarters, Oxnard, California USA

This “more-bang-for-the-buck” philosophy was incorporated into every aspect of the company. MOSFET power supplies, vacuum fluorescent displays, and neodymium magnet structures are some examples of leading edge technologies utilized by Sound Storm product engineers. Our designers continually research and develop the latest electronics, materials, and production techniques to set the pace for performance, quality, and style in the car audio industry.

Together these factors have led to worldwide success for the Sound Storm brand. You can count on us for continued progress into the future.

Sound Storm for 2009 takes style and value to a whole new level.

Our “View” series of mobile video is expanded to cover every conceivable application while our audio products redefine the sonic experience. We have expanded our selection of headrest and overhead video monitors as well as in-dash and hideaway DVD players. Sound Storm has the solution for all your video needs whether you are looking for sophistication, simplicity or both.

Sound Storm CD receivers remain a perennial favorite with those who know that you don’t have to spend a lot to get a lot. Leading edge cosmetics combined with performance that usually costs more equals a lineup that can’t be beat.

Amplifier power can make the difference between a ho-hum sound system and one that really rocks. SOUND STORM has been a leader in providing power amps that rock hard without breaking your budget.

All new for 2009 is the top-of-the-line STEALTH series of amplifiers, cool to look at and hot to listen to. Our STEALTH line, an industry favorite for three years, is completely redesigned with even more models for your mix. To maximize your system’s response we also offer three equalizers and two crossovers for systems requiring the utmost in sonic accuracy.

STEALTH and FORCE both bring a full complement of full-range speakers and subwoofers to the party to insure that you have access to a complete family of products. From the most modest installation to the most elaborate super-system, SOUND STORM has you covered. Whether you need to hit the highest of high frequencies or the depths of extreme bottom end, there’s a SOUND STORM driver for every application.